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All EIHS families are automatically members of the PTO!

We value your contributions to our school success and look forward to your participation in PTO activities and events.

New members? Activate your membership! Continuing members? Log in to review your profile.

Thank you to all 2021-2022

Electric Supporters!

The Andrews Family



Eliana Bonfante

The Carpentieri-Asbury Family

Chris & Valerie Carville

Rajani & Samir Desai

Meagan Friedman

The Heikkinen Family

The Hensley Family

Spencer & Camora Kuo

The Mallinson Family

The Oelker Family

Sara Oussar

The Pierson Family

The Ryden Family

The Spiller Family

The Taylor Family

Ahuva & Michael Terk

The Touchet Family

Frank & Gigi Valenzuela

Divya Visentini

Nicole & Ben Weaver

Thank you to all 2021-2022

Hydro Supporters!


Melissa Bernosky

Annette Bisby

Mae Blondell

Elbey Borrero De McKenna

Elan Britt

Chaunacey Broberg

Christine Cowan

Jennifer Davis

The Higdon Family

Thomas King

Beth Otto

The Page Family

Lillian Perez

Michelle Pilkington

Earl and Marleah Randon

Jinny Sisson

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